Packing and Shifting Tips

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Packing and Moving Tips

Chennai Packers and Movers is one of the leading Indian packing moving services providers which has emerged with a distinct reputation due to its reliability and swiftness of goods relocation services throughout locations in the country.provides a range of goods packing moving services such as comercial goods moving services, household goods relocation services, car carrier services. Below are a few important tips for smat packing and moving:

  • Pack one room at a time.
  • Labeling each box with a description of its contents and its destination (e.g., kitchen, bathroom).
  • Keep the weight of your boxes reasonable. If possible, put heavy items in small boxes to make them easier to carry.
  • Don't apply tape directly to polished or painted wood finishes. Removing the tape could ruin the surface.
  • Double-box fragile items and add plenty of cushioning.
  • Get your new home/address cleaned before starting unpacking.
  • Make sure you load everything you're taking yourself in the car and lock it!
  • Switch everything off, lock up and leave!
  • Unpack all electrical items as quickly as possible and check for damage - you may have a limited window for insurance claims.